And the first side project is

While I do intend to mostly focus upon cool phenomenon in the natural world, as I said before my curiosity and interests vary greatly. And truth be told, the reason I convinced myself to FINALLY reboot this blog with the worldbuilding focus was I came up with a side project. For reasons that should be clear to you, reality is incredibly depressing lately (no, I will not going into it here at this time. Maybe later). I need something to distract me more fully, and hopefully cheer me up a bit. I also like trying new things, especially food and drink. And I love Halloween.

Dancing Pumpkin Man 1
Awwww yeah


For the month of October, I’m going to do a Halloween themed movie fest! Some of them will not be new to me, but many will. And some I will watch old versions as well as rebooted versions. I will try a new beer or other alcoholic drink with every one. I intended to have them all be pumpkin or yam based beers, because I’m that kind of person, but there’s a depressing lack of them available near me at this time. So the theme got stretched quite a bit to encompass beer that sound Halloweenish in name, or Oktoberfest. And also some that just looked good. I had good intentions, but I also cobbled this together rather quickly. And sometime you have to change your plans to fit what you are actually able to do.

giphy (2)

This will not be very critical reviews of either the alcohol or the movies. That is not a direction I aspire to go. It will be a collection of things I enjoyed about each one, and a recounting of things I didn’t like about each one. Not very formal, merely for fun and distraction. And celebration, because Halloween is my favorite.

Minus shades. Shades, no matter how cool, aren’t great for a movie experience.